Our Pastor

Bro. Bill McKibben is pastor of the Apostolic Faith Church in Seattle.  Along with his wife Lori he has three adult children and six grandchildren.  He has been in pastoral ministry for over 30 years having served a number of congregations on the West Coast.  He also serves on the Board of Directors and as the Director of Asia Work for the Apostolic Faith organization for over 10 years.  He loves to read, teach, travel, and contemplate hard questions like; “Why did God make the praying mantis and duckbilled platypus?”  

Sunday School

Our Sunday School meets every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM.  We’re excited about learning God’s word.  To do this, we have engaging classes for all ages from young children to adults.  Our Women’s class is a place for ladies of all ages, where mothers with babies and toddlers can enjoy a class that is also friendly to little ones.  Preschoolers, Primaries, Juniors, Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers, Young Adults, and Adults all have classes to help them to understand God’s love, and His plan for their lives.

A link to the curriculum is on the right.

The Pillars

The Pillars represent our Adult Sunday School class.  They are an active group of people that fellowship together and enjoy serving others in the church.  They meet regularly at 9:30 on Sunday morning, and schedule other activities and events throughout the year.